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Zazzle Projects

Zazzle is an e-commerce website that specializes in custom-made products for any occasion. Through their digital marketplace, Zazzle facilitates connections between customers and creators, allowing them to purchase personalized designs and products that express their unique interests and preferences, whether that be for their wedding, family reunion, or their kid's little league baseball championship.


Photo Editing
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe XD


Quinnton Barringer — Creative Visual Designer
Yujia Xing — Creative Visual Designer
Michael Keuhl — Art Director
Nizzi Karai — Chief Brand Officer

Featured Project

2023 Zazzle Holiday Lookbook

For Zazzle, the holidays are the most important time of the year. The 2023 Create Magic Holiday Lookbook showcases the best of the best designs from across the marketplace. This carefull curated collection of products highlights the diverse array of products, design styles, and capabilities that Zazzle has to offer.

Process & Sketches

In June, my team and I initiated the creative process by sketching layouts and conceptualizing design ideas to serve as templates for the catalog. We then filled these layouts with over 330 carefully-selected designs from across the marketplace, taking care to ensure we presented a wide variety of design styles, occassions, and families. It was essential for us to feature not only the best-selling designs but also highlight new ones, contributing to the promotion of the flourishing creator community at Zazzle.

Layout Sketches

Typography & Content Exploration

Final Layouts

Sitewide Campaigns

"Sitewide" promotions at Zazzle allowed me to flex my creative muscles, where I would create original illustrations and animations that took center stage on the homepage and seamlessly extended to various marketing channels. These channels included cross-sell images strategically placed throughout Zazzle, captivating email headers, and engaging social media posts on platforms like Instagram.

Product Campaigns

Product campaigns serve as the cornerstone of Zazzle promotional material. The usual workflow for these campaigns involved meticulously curating products based on sale items and best-sellers, arranging them thoughtfully on a backdrop with careful attention to composition and scaling. I would then place existing designs from onsite onto the products, and add finishing touches like adding any necessary props, lighting effects, or personalized messaging for products like sticky notes or to-do lists.