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Quinnton Barringer

Web and graphic designer, copywriter, type enthusiast, scenic artist,
your new designer

Currently working as a Creative Visual Designer at Zazzle.com


Zazzle Projects

A collection of my top projects during my time with Zazzle Inc., highlighting my creative skills and passion for design.

Photo Editing • Illustration • Branding • Motion Graphics • Graphic Design


A reimagining of the Tower Records brand, using an innovative approach that celebrates and amplifies local music.

Branding • Copywriting • Team Management • Layout Design • Advertising

Film Affinity

Redesigning Film Affinity to enhance social connection among film lovers through shared love of cinema.

Branding • Layout Design • UI/UX


Buds is an innovative platform designed to assist new indoor succulent growers by personifying the succulents to enhance the user's bond with their plants, resulting in a fulfilling growing experience.

UI/UX • Branding • Concept Visualization


An app that targets stage managers and theater workers, aiming to minimize the preshow stress and scramble that happens all too often.

UI/UX • UX Research • User Testing

Outstanding Typeface
design • 2019


Fivehead is a quirky, goofy, and in-your-face family to be used for display.

Type Design • Concept Visualization

the Scrim

A documentary detailing the lives of people who build and load in sets in a mid-size theater in San Francisco.

Cinematography • Video Editing • Interviewing


A collection of side projects, personal explorations, and illustrations I’m also proud of.