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Buds is a planter with a partner app meant to give life to your little green friends. Assigning each of your succulent buddies a name and watering schedule, Buds ensures that each of your plants gets the right amount of water, sun, and love.


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Student, Barista

Berkely, CA

“As a busy student, I would like to be reminded to check in on my plants so I can continue to enjoy having them in my house.”


• Stay productive with classes

• Keep houseplants healthy

• Take cute pictures of plants for Instagram


• Procrastination

• Letting plants die

• Having to repot plants over and over again

The Approach

Succulents are plants with thick, plump leaves meant for storing water. This means that maintenance for these plants is easy since they thrive on neglect. Most succulents can go several days without watering, and can stay alive for literally generations. It may seem odd, but one of the driving factors for the younger generations buying succulents is the Great Recession. Around 23% of millennials ages 24 through 36 are living at home with their parent(s), and many millennials are finding it hard to find work in this economy. Around $52.3 billion was spent on lawn and garden retail in 2019, a quarter of which is attributed to 18- to 34-year-olds. Home decor is expensive, but having some lovely, inexpensive greenery that’s hard to kill will do wonders for lightening up the place. They can also work wonders for one’s mental health. Having something dependent on you can help give your life meaning and purpose, much in the way that a pet can, but with much less work.

Competitive Analysis



In-soil device that monitors temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and drainage.


• Monitors wide range of conditions

• Recommends other plants for current conditions

• Good for amateur gardeners


• Must remove device & plug into computer to access data

• Gives non-specific measurements (moderate/hot/very hot)

• A bit difficult to use

Parrot Pot


All-in-one flower pot that monitors light, fertilizer, temperature, and soil moisture. The Parrot Pot has a built-in reservoir and pumps water into the soil automatically


• Condition suggestions based on plant species

• Smart connection to companion app

• Comes in variety of colors


• System failure after only about a month of use

• Cheap materials

• Waters plant for you, taking the fun out of it

Visual Identity

The Buds Identity consists primarily of the logo and its accompanying set of fun, quirky icons. The Buds wordmark is meant to reflect the bulbous shapes of succulents and the fun, free-flowing nature of their caretakers. After all, Buds should connect you with your plants on a personal level, almost like a matchmaker for plants. The logo’s series of curls and counters in a handwritten style suggest the fun, bubbly attitude of Buds and their plant parents.

The Relationship

Buds is primarily a beautiful, cast concrete plant pot with light and moisture sensors which connect to its companion app. This app tracks individual plants’ water and shade levels, as well as overall “happiness” depending on the specific species’ needs, and displays them visually in an easy-to-read way. The Buds Website is meant as a marketing website from which users can purchase Buds pots and download the app, as well as find technical support.

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