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Tower Records was a vinyl record store that met its maker in 2006 due mainly to online piracy and lack of brand evolution. The use of vinyl records as a mainstream form of audio listening is dwindling fast, but Tower Records as a store still holds a lot of nostalgia for people.


Team Management
Layout Design


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro


Quinnton Barringer — Project Manager, Copywriter
Brandon Lin — Team Strategist, Copywriter
Emily Ho — Graphic Designer, Advertisement Designer
Claire Nitchman — Photographer


We began our redesign by assessing the current brand that is Tower Records. We found that there isn’t really a cohesive or apparent brand identity, aside from the iconic red and yellow color scheme. Therefore, we wanted to create a whole new brand from the ground up. New logo, new voice, new photography, new style. In the end, we created a powerful identity to fit the strong voice and intentional design of the newly-branded Tower.

Root for the underdog

Talk to people like they’re people

Don’t apologize for being different

Be inspired by the community

Our Approach

To give Tower the best brand possible, we shifted our focus away from the materialistic methods of record-selling, and putting emphasis on what really matters: people’s music. Keeping the original Tower Records colors and slogan helps maintain brand equity, but dropping the “Records” allows us to expand into other markets.

Visual Identity

We discovered our concept by taking a look at sound itself and how it was originally created and communicated. Combining this with nostalgia and a sleek, modern typeface, we fell in love with one particular design.

The Branding Guidelines Book

The identity guidelines for Tower were the ultimate McGuffin for this project. This book concisely lays out exactly what Tower is, what’s changed, and why we made the choices that we did. One hundred and ten pages of beautiful photography, dynamic typography, and eloquent words make up one hell of a brand reimagining, and perfectly captures the new direction for Tower.

Flip through on Issuu

We were born different. Independent from the beginning, we have a history of embracing the crazy and being the first of our kind.

Play your music, we’ll set the stage. Let’s make history, together.

You’re an indie folk band? You have a place here. You’re a classical quartet? Tower is your venue. You’re a Mongolian throat singer who sings duets with a ventriloquist doll? Whatever floats your boat, pal.