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Places is a tablet app for stage managers and production managers who work with small- to medium-sized theaters. Often, during the production of a show, production and stage managers run into a frantic, chaotic period just before opening. During this time, communication and scheduling is crucial in order to make sure the show goes up smoothly. Places combines these elements, as well as other necessary components such as file sharing, rehearsal reports, and to-do lists, to make sure that the show not only goes up smoothly, but that it stays up for its entire run.


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This project started with talking to stage managers who worked at various theaters around San Francisco. I spoke with four stage managers and two production managers at four different theaters to really get an idea of the pain points surrounding stage management. I also asked each potential user to describe the general tasks and duties of their respective job. From there, I synthesized my research into an online card-sorting program, and had everyone (plus a few other theater professionals) sort functions into categories for easier information organizing.



Stage Manager, grad student

San Francisco, CA

“Tech week is always stressful for me. I have so many things I need to keep track of, it's hard to keep it all straight.”


• Ease the pressure when it comes down to tech week

• Gain respect as a new, young SM who doesn’t have a lot of experience

• Be able to easily communicate with people and schedule meetings


• Tech week crunch is always incredibly stressful, especially on top of school

• Actors and crew are sometimes hard to manage

• Difficulties keeping everyone on track and the production moving smoothly



Actor, mother of 2

Alameda, CA

“I love acting in the Bay Area. I'm lucky enough to occasionally have two gigs going at the same time, so when it comes to acting notes, I need a very clear and concise view of what I need to change. That way, I can get back to taking care of my kids.”


• Easily see call times and rehearsal reports for shows

• Be able to contact crew in case of scheduling emergencies

• Make connections and continue working as an actor in the Bay Area


• Sometimes schedule unexpectedly changes

• Personal & professional life are difficult to keep apart

• Director’s notes are too solidified, her acting style is more free-form

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