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Outstanding Typeface design • 2019


Fivehead is a quirky, goofy, and in-your-face family to be used for display. Its very tall x-height, stylistic contrast, and bottom-heavy shapes make it stand out and give it presence in signage, packaging, or whatever you decide to put it on.


Type Design
Concept Visualization


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


I was inspired by advertising typography of the ‘50s, with its fun energy and bouncy forms.

Type Design Process

The process began with designing the proportions and rounds of a few specific letters to create a sort of template for the others. With these proportions and rounds, I was able to create many of the other letterforms using the template as a base. From Illustrator, I brought the letter shapes into Glyphs and started to make slight alterations as well as add letter spacing. All along, I printed out test sheets of letter combinations, modified spacing and ligatures, and repeated the process.

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