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Beyond the Scrim

I have a strong passion for the theatrical arts, and I am absolutely fascinated by the behind-the-scenes action of theater productions. I am lucky enough to have worked at San Francisco Playhouse, a mid-sized theater in SF, and wanted to share my fascination through a documentary of the set building process.


Video Editing
Documentary Fimmaking


Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Audition

Documentation Process

I spoke with Zach, the technical director, Tish, the shop foreman, and Karen, the scenic painter, at the SF Playhouse scenic shop in Hayward, CA about what it takes to put up a set. I then joined them all on an afternoon in the theater itself, shooting footage of the team putting the finishing touches on their Spring musical, Mary Poppins.

Film Editing

Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition, I cut together many shots of B-roll from around the theater with the interview footage, producing a small story from the perspective of technical theater professionals, resulting in the mini documentary.

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