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Film Affinity

Film Affinity (filmaffinity.com) is a social media website designed to bring lovers of cinema together through shared interests. Users rank films and TV shows that they’ve seen on a 10-point system, and FilmAffinity connects you to people who have ranked movies similarly to you. The website also allows you to keep lists of your favorite movies and TV shows.


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Brand Analysis

The Film Affinity brand lacks structure and content, consisting primarily of a logo (of which there are several versions, all lacking unity) and a simple color palette. There doesn’t seem to be anything that sets the website’s design apart from any of its competitors.



Cinematographer, film enthusiast

Los Angeles, CA

“I have a lot of opinions when it comes to movies. I love talking about them with people and sharing these opinions, they're good conversation starters.”


• Share his plethora of opinions of film

• Connect with other people who like to watch movies just as much as him


• Not being able to finish a movie in one sitting

• When people who haven't watched a film judge that film

The Approach

This case study refocuses the Film Affinity brand to emphasize the experience of going to see a film and experiencing the theater-going process as a whole, by presenting the colors, photographs, logo, and copywriting in a nostalgic and familiar way. The brand as it currently stands makes little to no effort to cultivate the community around movie lovers, despite being a social media site. This project addresses this problem and connects fans and lovers of cinema in a more effective way.

Visual Identity

In an effort to evoke nostalgia for the movie-going experience, a popcorn box is represented in shape and color. The popcorn itself also represents the coming together of people for the love of movies, no matter what the person's background is. The stripes of the “box” also represent the Klieg lights seen in many classic movies and at Hollywood premieres. The box sits on two lines representing the coziness and comfortable atmosphere that we provide for our users.

The Branding Guidelines Book

The new branding guidelines for Film Affinity instruct internal and external designers on how to use the brand effectively. The guidelines focus on a strong visual presence to promote Film Affinity and give it the attention it deserves. The guidelines also go through examples of how to use the brand to the best of its ability.

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